Since its creation in 2001, the Life sciences team at Seventure Partners has always been visionary in its investment policy – looking for innovative products that are one step ahead of market expectations.

We have pioneered industrial biotechnology investment since our inception (starting with our investment into Metabolic Explorer). Since 2005, we have supported converging health and nutrition sectors by investing in agro-food companies bringing health benefits to people. In 2008 we identified the microbiome as key area for future development and we have provided significant staffing and financial resources to this field.

Today, Seventure Partners and Health for Life CapitalTM are known worldwide for their leadership in this area. Since we have worked in this field, we were involved in establishing and funding Enterome in 2011, as well as Maat Pharma and Targedys and invested in many others such as LNC, Eligo, Vedanta, Daytwo, Biomx, etc….

Today, we invest primarily in the following sectors :

  • Microbiome* applications in all fields (human, animal, plant…)
  • Connected-health, digital-health, digital-food / nutrition
  • Foodtech and innovations in the food sector including enabling and manufacturing technologies
  • Medtech and diagnostics
  • Biotech and pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial biotech
  • Agtech
  • Blue Economy


About The Microbiome

The microbiome, which consists in all the micro-organisms that reside in and on the human body, is an exciting and fast-developing new field at the interface of pharmaceuticals and nutrition, offering abundant opportunities for developing new medicines. The composition and functionality of the bacterial ecosystem forming a large part of the microbiome, in the gut and elsewhere, has been linked to various health conditions, among which acne and allergies, gastrointestinal ailments, obesity and cancer. There are approximately 10 times more bacteria than human cells in the body, and over a hundred times more bacterial genes than human ones. The multitude of biological processes and indications affected by the bacterial ecosystem within the human microbiome, makes its balance critical to health. Understanding and maintaining an adequate balance of species within this complex ecosystem is an important goal for future medical progress, especially in the area of preventing and treating chronic diseases.


Stages of development and investment

We support the development of companies in various stages of development – from seed ventures to late stage companies.  We currently invest €1-10 million per financing round, and up to €20 million in several rounds.


Seventure Life sciences team is based in Paris, London, Bales, Geneva and Munich, and invests in Europe, North America, and Asia.


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