Created in 2012

Country France France




Skinjay was born to make you feel good. Skinjay is an independent French brand founded in 2012 by Nicolas Pasquier. When faced with wellness offers that require an appointement which is unsuited to the unpredictability and intimacy of a desire to relax, Nicolas Pasquier wanted to offer an immediate pleasure that fits easily in daily life. An offer and innovative device, easy to use, in line with the trepidations of our lifestyles.
Skinjay it is a shower mixer and a unique collection of aromatic capsules. Easily attached to the shower hose the Skinjay mixer is based on a proprietary technology : micro-nebulization©. Activated at the heart of the mixer, the capsule releases its essential oils aromatic power by merging it with the live warm water of the shower. It then falls in a fine rain on the skin and alerts the senses with delight, just in time to help you relax and let go. A feeling of well-being comes over you and lasts throughout the day.