Created in 2010

Country France France




Mdoloris Medical Systems is a French innovative medtech founded in June 2010 based on 23 years of academic research performed by a French research lab (CIC-IT) belonging to the University Hospital of Lille. Mdoloris manufactures and promotes innovative medical devices able to continuously and non-invasively assess patient’s pain in order to help clinicians to personalize the painkiller’s delivery and thereafter to prevent known side effects due to over and under dosages.
Its current main market segments are under general anesthesia for its adult monitor and neonatal intensive care units for its neonatal technology. Already validated by 98 international scientific publications, Mdoloris is operating in 62 countries (including in the US), with clinical partnerships involving more than 300 university hospitals. 1,100 devices have already been sold and
contributed to the improvement of the quality of care for more than 100,000 patients. Mdoloris
has raised recently the interest of major players through the signature of promising OEM
partnerships. Its operational team includes 9 nationalities so far.

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