Our Institutional Funds

For 23 years, Seventure Partners has developed strong expertise in the creation and management of investment vehicles specializing in the financing of innovative companies, particularly in France and other countries in Europe, for individual or institutional subscribers.

Seventure Partner’s funds take ownership interests in companies operating in Seventure Partners’s two areas of expertise: Life sciences and Digital technologies. Seventure Partners has also developed expertise in the management of Professional Private Equity Funds (FPCI, ex-FCPR, or Sicar) for French and international investors.

The first liquidated FPCI, Spef Pre-IPO, enabled its subscribers to achieve an internal rate of return (IRR) of 31%. Since 2013, four funds have been offered to institutional investors :

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Health For Life Capital TM

Health for Life Capital™ (€160m) and Health for Life Capital II™ (fundraising on the way as of April 2020 – initial €200m target already exceeded) are the first European investment vehicles to support the microbiome revolution in the areas of health and nutrition through capital financing.

These funds attracted financial investors and family offices, as well as prestigious strategic industrial investors (Danone, Novartis, Bel, Tereos, Lesaffre, Tornier, a US based global food ingredient provider (to be disclosed), etc.) and entrepreneurs.


Health for Life Capital™ funds are managed by the Life sciences team of Seventure Partners, led by Isabelle de Cremoux.

Health for Life Capital™ funds invest in innovative companies with strong growth potential. They mainly invest in Europe, but also look to North America, Israel and Asia; at any stage of maturity, including the seed stage, venture capital, pre-IPO and late stage or innovative growth capital.

Seventure Partners has demonstrated true global leadership in the areas of convergence of medicine and food and has accumulated recognized expertise in the field of nutrition, microbiology and its applications. Recent discoveries on the microbiome constitute a true technological revolution impacting both the agro-food, pharmaceutical, medical instrumentation and diagnostic industries.

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Digital Opportunities

Digital Opportunities Fund (€56m) finances the innovative companies identified as having strong growth potential, mainly in France and Germany, and operating in the field of digital technologies: Fintech (including Insurtech & Regtech), Retailtech, and Other innovative digital companies.

Since 1997, Seventure Partners’ Digital technologies team has acquired solid expertise in these three sectors by financing the development of companies such as AssurOne, Xiring or Sumup for the Fintech sector, Recommerce, Retailo or Tradoria for the Retailtech sector, and Easy voyage, Talentsoft or minutebuzz for the Other innovative digital solutions sector.

Digital Opportunities Fund is managed by the current Digital Technologies team headed by David Manjarres.

Seventure Partners’membership in Groupe BPCE, its access to the numerous expertises present at Natixis and its proximity to the Group’s distributing networks constitute a virtuous circle to identify, support and enhance the most relevant fintechs and insurtech.

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Sport & Performance Capital

Investing in startup companies and SMEs evolving in the fields of sports and wellness, furthering physical activity to help the French preserve their health and physical fitness

For more than 20 years, Seventure Partners has been building strong relationships with entrepreneurs and industrial world leaders and has developed a world-wide network in the fields of health, food and nutrition, and digital technologies, key sectors for the economics of sport. The fund aims at investing 80 M€ in French companies with high growth potential, selected for their innovation or their specific know-how in the fields of sports and wellness.

Sport & Performance Capital will identify and finance companies developing and providing products or services connected to sports, such as: innovative clothing, new materials for sports practice, equipment, specific food or nutrition products, connected devices, performance tracking tools, physical parameters measurement devices, digital innovations, coaching, development of areas, equipment or events promoting the practice of sports.

Cornerstoned by the Caisses d’Epargne, Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Premium Sponsor, the fund expects further investors to invest in the fund and especially other branches of Groupe BPCE, among which the Banques Populaires.

Sport & Performance Capital is managed by a dedicated team, led by Isabelle de Cremoux.

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Quadrivium 1 Seed Fund

Quadrivium 1 Seed Fund (€56m) was created in November 2013. It is managed by Seventure Partners with a dedicated investment team composed of two Partners, Thibault Canton and Philippe Tramoy.


Quadrivium 1 Seed Fund finances  French start-up companies linked to the twelve academic and university institutions that are partners of this fund (UPMC, University Paris II, University of Paris IV, National Museum of Natural History, IRCAM, ENSCI, University of Compiègne, CNRS, Institut Curie, Pierre Gilles de Gennes Foundation, Fondation Voir et Entendre or Paris Sciences et Lettres), in the field of Digital technologies and Life sciences (with the exception of the microbiome).

For Digital technologies companies that are at a more advanced stage of development or not related to our twelve academic partners, please contact the Digital technologies team (01 58 19 22 70 – contact@seventure.fr).

For Life sciences companies outside France at any stage of maturity, microbiome companies in any geography and stage of development  and French companies  at a more advanced stage of development, or not related to our 12 academic partners, please contact the Life sciences team (01 58 19 22 70 – contact@seventure.fr).

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AVF Fund

AVF (€24m) is an innovative venture capital fund, targeted at supporting companies in the field of animal health, feed and nutrition. The first close of AVF is corner stoned by Adisseo, an industry leader in the animal feed sector.

This new thematic fund was created to address a very specific and expanding need in the market: preserving animal health, gaining a better understanding of the entire food value chain, as well as developing technologies to cultivate and produce food in a better way.

The livestock sector is undergoing profound changes requiring the entire food chain to adapt accordingly and respond to strong global pressures and changing consumer expectations. The rapidly growing world population and the increased demand from emerging countries for animal protein present significant challenges to the sector, as well as the requirement to meet environmental objectives and for sustainable production within livestock industry.

At a global level, AVF’s investment strategy focuses on two segments at the forefront of the modern agricultural and livestock revolution: animal health, feed and nutrition and digital technologies serving the livestock industry.

AVF will also finance digital innovations applied to the livestock value chain, such as smart breeding and diagnosis, control and traceability tools.

AVF is managed by a dedicated team, led by Isabelle de Cremoux.

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