Created in 2013

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Founded in 2013, MycoTechnology is an innovative food ingredient company focused on solving the biggest challenges in the food and beverage industry. Through mushroom fermentation they are able to provide a solution to the sugar and salt epidemic and address how to feed a growing population with a sustainable protein source. MycoTechnology recently closed their Series C round of financing for $29M. This funding will be used to accelerate innovation and provide even more solutions to the food industry.

MycoTechnology’s flagship product, ClearTaste®, is the world’s first organic bitter blocker. ClearTaste acts as a shield for your tongue, blocking the perception of bitter and astringent tastes from being detected. By blocking bitterness, sugar and sodium can be reduced, and off-flavors of functional ingredients can be improved. ClearTaste is FEMA GRAS approved and was recently commercialized in Europe. With the recent implementation of taxing sugar sweetened beverages throughout many areas of Europe, ClearTaste provides the sugar reduction tool that is desperately needed by beverage manufacturers. ClearTaste can be used to reduce the sugar content in their offerings without compromising on taste, opening up the opportunity to avoid the extra taxation on sugar sweetened beverages while still providing products their customers know and love.

MycoTechnology’s PureTaste® Protein is a breakthrough new clean label ingredient. MycoTechnology uses shiitake mushroom mycelium, or roots, in a process similar to producing beer to unlock the full potential of plant based proteins. During fermentation the mushrooms produce natural enzymes that help break down the protein into a purer form, ultimately improving functionality, nutrition, and flavor. This patented process provides a solution to feeding an exponentially growing population with a sustainable protein source.