Created in 2015

Country Israel Israel




DayTwo is the leading Microbiome-Based Precision Medicine company, developing personalized nutrition, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. DayTwo has the largest full-shotgun database of the gut-microbiome in the world. The database is the foundation for the DayTwo Human Discovery Platform™ to identify precision medicine therapies, diagnostics, and care solutions for metabolic and other diseases.
Day Two’s initial product is a glycemic-control product. The glycemic-control is targeted for people with Type II diabetes, helping them balance blood sugar levels, lower HbA1C and lose weight using a “food-as-medicine” approach, personalized to the subject’s clinical and personal traits. The customer/patient process is four fold: (1) Customers/patients provide a stool sample through an "in-home" kit and fill out a short questionnaire (2) DayTwo sequence the sample at its lab, and (3) return lab results in the form of a consult with practitioner on its team, or through the practitioner who referred the customer/patient to DayTwo. (4) The customer/patient then may utilize their results and predict their glycemic-responses using the mobile app while shopping, dining out, or eating at home to ensure they remain “in range” for healthy blood sugar levels.

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