Since 1997, Seventure Partners has specialised in the Digital technologies sector. We have made over 130 investments in companies in France and had major exits from our portfolio such as Vistaprint, emailvision, Parrot, Easyvoyage and more recently Ipdia (sold to Murata), Netino (sold to WebHelp) and Chronotruck (sold to Groupe GEFCO). Since 2008, Seventure’s Digital technologies team has also invested in Germany, with three successful exits: Tradoria (sold to Rakuten), Retailo (sold to Blackhawk) and Conject Holding GmbH (sold to Aconex Limited).

We invest primarily in companies with a B2B business and in the following sectors:

  • Fintech (including insurtech): Our investments focus on four sectors: software and services for financial players (asset management, back-office, scoring, big data, etc.), software and services for non-financial players (financial product comparators, personal finance tools, company financial management software, etc.), payments and money transfers (online and mobile payment solutions, money transfers, virtual currency, etc.) and technological solutions (security software, authentication solutions, dematerialization solutions, etc.)
  • Innovative services: Target companies will be those with the capacity to reach customers directly via internet and mobile, for example, those whose product or service disintermediates the value chain of an economic activity, such as collaborative platforms for exchanging or lending material goods or services (cars, parking places, storage places, housework, testing and testing of software or applications, etc.), marketplaces, etc.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) software vendors: Targets will be SaaS software companies in vertical markets, for example, human resources management, big data, marketing, e-learning or supply chain management.
  • For Digital health, Digital food, Connected health, diagnostic and foodtech:


Stages of development and investment

Seventure Digital technologies team supports the development of companies in various stages of development – from seed ventures to late stage companies.  We currently invest €1-5 million per financing round, and up to €10 million in several rounds.


Seventure Digital technologies team is based in Paris and has a presence in our Hanover office. Seventure Digital technologies team invests mainly in France and Germany.

Joining our team

If you are interested in joining our team or one of the companies in our portfolio:

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