Created in 2018

Country France France

Website https://www.diabnext.com/



DIABNEXT™ was created around the idea of bringing large-scale and highly innovative solutions to improve the daily life of diabetes patients and help them better live with their disease.

The DIABNEXT™ team has developed a patented solution innovative and unique compared to the existing monitoring solutions.
While the market has focused on mobile apps requiring patients to enter their data by hand, DIABNEXT™ offers a unique solution combining hardware and software to automate the entry in the self-monitoring logbook. Based on several patents, DIABNEXT™ offers a complete solution for monitoring and therapeutic education “doing nothing more” than the actions directly associated with treatment: blood glucose level and insulin injection. The data is accessible to both patients and healthcare professionals who follow them.

Based on several expert’s advice and feedback, DIABNEXT™ has designed the most powerful diabetes monitoring platform for healthcare professionals. They can track and educate their patients more accurately, more efficiently and productively than any system currently available, generating a significant social impact in terms of the medico-economic burden of diabetes-related complications.