Created in 2009

Country France France

Website http://www.ipdia.com/



IPDiA is a leading manufacturer of Integrated Passive Devices. Its technology has been adopted by world leaders in medical electronics, semiconductor area and high reliability industry. IPDiA portfolio includes silicon capacitors from pF to tens of µF with:
 High Reliability Medical and Automotive Grade Capacitors;
 Low Profile Capacitors < 80 µm thin for decoupling inside critical space application;  High Temperature Capacitors (250°C) with very high stability;  Ultra Broadband Capacitors (60+GHz);  2D/2.5D Silicon Interposers for integration in SiP or MCM;  Passive component networks for integration in module or on board. The Japanese MURATA acquired IPDiA in 2016 to enhance Murata’s position as a world’s leading provider of high reliability capacitors.

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