Advanced Accelerator Applications

Created in 2002

Country France France



Advanced Accelerator Applications

Advanced Accelerator Applications is an innovative radio-pharmaceutical company that develops, produces and commercializes Molecular Nuclear Medicine products. AAA’s lead investigational therapeutic candidate, lutetium Lu 177 dotatate (Lutathera®), is a novel MNM compound that AAA is currently developing for the treatment of Neuroendocrine Tumors, a significant unmet medical need. Founded in 2002, AAA has its headquarters in Saint-Genis-Pouilly, France. In 2016, AAA had 22 production and R&D facilities able to manufacture both diagnostics and therapeutic MNM products, and had more than 500 employees in 13 countries (France, Italy, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, the U.S. and Canada). AAA reported sales of €109.3 million in 2016 (+23% vs. 2015). AAA is listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker “AAAP”. In October 2017, Novartis has agreed to buy AAA for $3.9 billion, giving it a platform in radiopharmaceuticals and access to a new therapy for the targeted cancers. In November 2017, Seventure sold its shares of AAA.

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